What is the role of the consumer in market and mixed economies?

29/04/2011 13:17

In both systems the individual choices of consumers are an important economic force. They add up to create over all economic decisions for the society. In a mixed economy, the consumers choice mostly affects the economic decision, but, in a market economy, all their choices affect the economic decision making.

The role of the consumer in a mixed economy
consumers have a choice to either get involved in a government owned business, or start their own business. Consumers also try to help the country.

The role of the consumer in a market economy
Individual consumers make decisions on how to use resources. Consumers take their responsibility to make decisions and to buy what is best for them. There is a lot of competition in a market economy because producers want consumers to buy their products rather than another companies product. The producer values the demand of the consumer and then the consumer decides and makes their choice.